Marketing Report - Summary

Marketing Report - Summary

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Executive Summary
This report carries out a thorough analysis of the Mauritius market environment, in the hope of been able to efficiently implement the educational institution, Kumon, as a sufficient business operation. The objective is to make recommendations on particular segments Kumon can target, using a constructed marketing mix strategy. In particular, we assess whether it is desirable and practical for Kumon to enter into the Mauritius market. In the formation of these strategies, consideration is given to the environmental conditions of the Mauritius market, and the current goals of the institution, Kumon. Kumon is a worldwide franchise which offers mathematical and English reading enrichment programs to children of all ages at school, to improve their skills and confidence. The Kumon institute has been very successful, not only in the Australian market, but also many other countries. The long term vision of Kumon is to give people from all over the world the opportunity to learn the Kumon Method.

The findings of this report are base on information obtained via electronic books, books internet articles, internet census data, and personal experience of Mauritius (Fabien). The environmental analysis outlines important concepts of the Mauritius industry, particularly the fact that it is still a developing country in terms of economic performance and is an extremely cultural diverse country.

The SWOT analysis identifies particularly important implications which potentially have an impact on the justified recommendations. Although, there are some weaknesses of Kumon and many threats of the Mauritius market, particularly the difference in language, with most Mauritians speaking French and Creole, Kumon has the strength to easily implement itself as a market player due to the low start-up costs relative to other educational institutions and the large target base. Currently, Kumon has three marketing objectives but these could be subject to change if...

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