Segmenting Apple’s target Audience

Evaluating market segments is crucial to marketing strategy development. Companies divide the market into segments, to fully understand their target market and specific customers’ needs. Businesses segment the market varying on geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics. After determining market segments, companies should evaluate each one and decide the best marketing strategy. For example, Apple evaluates its markets by demographic (gender and income) and psychographic (activities and value) traits. Apple’s branding strategy focuses largely on psychographic segmentation. The people-driven product design, focused on grabbing the emotions of this generation. The Apple brand personality is also about simplicity and the removal of complexity from people’s lives. Thier approach made a sense of community with their “mac” users.

Apple developed a unique enviroment for their customers to buy products. Store visitors experience a no-pressure environment where they can discover more about the Apple family, try out thier products, and get practical help. The strategy focused on the value of the product, not the price. Steve Jobs, one of apple’s founders, focused on creating a superior product line. Jobs used quality and simplicity to grab a lion’s share of their target audience. His approach and innovations made Apple one of the leading contributors in the industry. Much of Job’s success came from the invention of the computer that made it easy for consumers to get on the internet. Jobs knew that if he focused on serving the customer, and if he built what customers wanted, they would continue to buy Apple products. I think Jobs saved Apple from complete collapse when he took over as CEO. He set the standard for the mobile phone and computer industries.

According to the article, what made Steve different from...

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