´╗┐Friends of Earth (HK) Services Marketing; Ethical & Corporate Social Responsibility
Prepared for:
Ms. Doti Chee (Lecturer)
Unit 41: Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management
Banking Academy, Hanoi
BTEC HND in Business (Finance)

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LGD group

Executive summary
With the nature of being a service organisation working in the environmental sector, it is important for FoE to understand clearly about the extended marketing mix, including 7Ps to apply in its operation and the ethical issues relating to the business.
Due to the development of service sector in recent years, traditional marketing mix (4Ps) has been renovated into extended marketing mix (7Ps). The new mix adds in three factors, which are people, process and physical evidence to support the service. It enhances the value for both customers and the service company.
Nevertheless, service marketing encounters some problems related to the characteristics of service and managing service provision that needs to be addressed by the marketers.
In order to operate swiftly and effectively, IT needs to be taken into account by every company, especially in service marketing management. This is the new concept that needs deep research by every organisation to improve their business.
Apart from the adoption of the 7Ps, ethical issue associated with business is another element that has risen in recent years. There are four tiers of ethical issues. FoE has to be aware of these issues in their operation. FoE is also an organisation that works toward protecting environment, so it has to adopt the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). More than that, the activities that FoE carries out sometimes are influenced by other pressure groups and the media. It can be considered as both threats and opportunities for FoE. It needs to adjust accordingly to the influence of those factors, as it can improve the operations of the organisation.
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