Success Over Stress
Worry Stopper and Reflection

Please read or listen to the lesson "Distress-Prone Behavior Patterns" before beginning this assignment.

Part I: Recall three recent or current worries from your personal life and think about where on the worry stopper diagram each might fall based on importance and locus of control (you do NOT need to actually plot your worries on the diagram.)

Part II: Once you have identified three current worries, reflect on these stressors by responding to the question prompts below.

Demonstrate critical thinking and effort in your answers. Write clearly; complete sentences, accurate spelling, and proper grammar and punctuation are expected. This assignment is worth 15 pts.

Please type all responses into the expandable tables and text boxes provided.

Worry #1:
a. What are you worried about? (1 point)
It’s about finding a job after I graduate.

b. What effect does this worry have on your life; what are its symptoms, how does it make you feel? (1 point)
This makes me so stressful and frustrated. I cannot sleep every well at night. This makes me feel so tired everyday.

c. After considering where you would place your worry on the diagram regarding importance and control, how do you feel about how much of your attention and energy it receives? (1 point)
I think this is very important to me, because I will graduate in May 2016, the time is very stressful and also because the working visa authority, I can’t control this kind of situation.

d. How stressful something is depends on our perception of it. Most of us have much more control in this area than we realize. How we think about things can do a lot to moderate our stress. What role does perception play with this particular worry? (1 point)
I think in this worry, my perception is kind of out of control. Because I always realize this thing is not what I can control and change, the situation for international students is...

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