1. Table of contents:

1. Table of contents: 3
2. Executive Summary : 4
3. Situational Analysis: 9
4. Marketing Strategy 10
5. financials: 12
6. Implementation & Control: 13
7. Conclusion: 14

1.0 Executive Summary:
Uniqlo is regarded as the number one innovative company. It is a Japanese casual wear designer, retailer or manufacturer & also retailer . this is wholly subsidiary of Fast retailing company founded by Tadashi Yanai. It is located at different location such as Japan, China, Hong kong, Taiwan, korea, Singapore etc. The most first uniqlo casual wear was inaugurated in Japan in 1984 & afterwards the business expand & grows with multiple stored branches same for other locations also.
Through the passage of providing the innovative products and other services, talented employees, the company is able to reach new heights.

2. Definition of marketing:
Marketing is the process wherein the features of the product are communicated to the customers so that the same could be bought by them.
This is mainly done for the purposes of promoting and selling the product or the brand. The main aim for marketing is to increase the sales of the product and in turn, the profits of the company. The process of marketing supports the sales team of the company by conveying the message about their product to the public.
History of Marketing:
The concepts like the relationship marketing are one of the approaches that were being used. These focus on the customer business marketing and the industrial marketing. These are some of the concepts that focus on the organization or on the institution. The social marketing focuses on the advantages that it provides to the society. There have been many new forms of marketing that entails the use of internet and hence, is known as internet marketing. These approaches aim at perfecting the strategy of segmentation which is used in the traditional...

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