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This report shows on analysis of Air Asia, a Malaysian low cost airline which was established in 1993, with commenced operations in 1996. Initially, Air Asia did not achieve the result that they desired, which is having its core competencies in the airline market. However, in the critical point in 2001, Tony Fernandez, the former time warmer executive, purchased the heavily indebted airline which reversed the outcome for the better. Air Asia operates scheduled domestic, national, and international flights to over 400 destinations across 25 countries. It was also named the world’s best low cost airlines in the annual world airlines survey by skirted for five consecutive years in 2009,2010,20112 and 2013. Air Asia has currently been ranked top 5 among the most recognized and admired airlines in the Asia pacific to 1000 bran as 2008. (AirAsia Berhad, 2013)

The vision of Air Asia is to become a low cost airline in Asia to reach out people with poor connectivity and high fares. (AirAsia Berhad, 2013)

The mission of Air Asia:
• To be the best company to work for where employees are treated as part of big family.
• Create a globally recognized ASEAN brand.
• To establish lowest cost so that everyone can afford to fly with Air Asia.
• Adopt technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels. (AirAsia Berhad, 2013)

The values

• Safety: Adopting a zero tolerance to unsafe practices and strive for zero accidents through proper training, work practices, risk management and adherence to safety regulations at all times.

• Valuing our People: Committing to our people’s development and well-being and treating them with respect, dignity and fairness.

• Customer Focused: We care and treat everyone in the same manner that we want to be treated.

• Integrity: Practicing highest standards of ethical behaviour and demonstrate honesty in all our lines of work in order to command trust and mutual respect.

• Excellence in...

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