Learner Guide/Student Assessment Tools

Contribute to business improvement

North Melbourne College( NMC)

Unit Descriptor: This unit of competency covers the competence required to contribute to the budget process, manage expenses in order to maintain levels of profitability within the specific area of responsibility, and contribute to the planning of business promotions.

Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements may apply to this unit in some jurisdictions. Users are advised to check with the relevant regulatory authority.

Assessor /Trainer will provide assistance / intervention during the assessments in the event that there is a risk of injury to the student or to the other members of the class.

If students are considered to have special needs, Assessor/ Trainers may be allowed to provide reasonable adjustment in accordance with NMC Policies and Procedures which means there may be modification in which the evidences are gathered. It could include alternative methods of assessment. However, it will not change the standards or outcomes the student achieves.

Assessment Outline

There are three (3) assessment tools required for this unit. To attain competence in this unit student must successfully complete all assessments and submit on the due date specified in the timetable.

The assessment tools provided in this Learner guide are:

Assessment Tool
Type of Assessment
Place of Assessment
Assessment Tool 1 :
Written Questions
NMC facilities
Assessment Tool 2 :
Case Study
NMC facilities
Assessment Tool 3 :
Case Study
NMC facilities

Assessment Tools and Instructions:

The NMC Assessment tools provide a foundation on which to build a comprehensive learning and assessment outcome. Your Trainer will need to adapt or supplement these tools where appropriate.
Assessment tool 1 (AT1):...

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