Marriott International Case Study

Marriott International Case Study

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1. If Marriott International should decide to offer to license its OneYield system to other hotel chains, what--if any--new risks would it be taking on?

If Marriott International should decide to offer to license it’s OneYield system to other hotel chains there would be new risk that would be taken. The OneYield system was made especially for Marriot International. If other hotel chain used the same system such as the OneYield, the competition would increase drastically. Other hotel chains could also make the prices that are offered better than Marriott’s prices causing people to take another look at these different hotel chains. It would cause a lot more people to “shop” around for the best hotel to make their stay the best.

2. What further improvement to Information Systems would you recommend to increase Marriott's revenue? Consider the hotel's interactions with its customers, as well as its internal business systems.

Marriott international can have more advances to the OneYield system to increase their revenue. The first advance of the system is for the system to only be used by management to figure out how much empty space and the price of that empty space than to let the customers use the same system. This would control any accidental overbooking hotels for the amount of customers staying. Another suggestion is to allow the system to recommend to the customers what spaces would be right for them depending on whether that person is a returning customer or not. This also can work with what type of family the customer is bringing with them, whether it’s a large family with five children or just a couple. This goes back to the first recommended advance because it will save the hassle of a large family being booked a small room and there isn’t enough space for everyone.

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