Mastering a Listening Skill

Mastering a Listening Skill

Mastering Listening Skills

Mary Louise Jumper

Axia College of University of Phoenix

How well do you listen to someone? Not everyone has good listening skills. People tend to hear what you have to say they rarely listen to you. They tend to have the miss conception of how to listen. Approximately, a person will speak 100-200 words per minute. On the other hand, an average listener hears 400-600 words per minute.

This paper will continue to explain why listening is an important skill for all to master. By being able to listen, we are able to effectively make sense of what a person is saying. Listening enhances our understanding and abilities in life. Listening is vital to have. We are put in situations everyday where listening is a key factor. How are you able to survive in life if you have bad listening skill? Many people question their ability to listen.

There are two main reasons why people would benefit from listening. First, listening is the key to succeed in life. You have to comprehend what a person is saying. A person tries to build rapport with their listeners. As a listener, you need to feel the person along with their words. You can’t just sit there and pretend to know what they are saying. Always pay attention to someone when they speak to you. Give the speaker the credit they deserve. You should always keep eye contact with the person that is speaking with you. Ask questions if you don’t understand. After asking questions take in their responses. This will help you have a better understanding as well. Try not to interrupt someone while they are speaking. If you do these things you will be on your way to becoming a better listener. It will be challenging but it will soon become easier.

Second, you can benefit from listening well, through your business, teaching, or in a relationship. Proper listening skill is all around us. Instead of hearing...

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