Mastering a Skill - Understanding Computer Technology

Mastering a Skill - Understanding Computer Technology

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One skill most people do not have but could benefit from is mastering computer skills. Mastering computer skills is beneficial to almost everyone who is trying to find a job. Computer skills are essential also to students, especially those who are enrolled in distance learning. Most companies if not all use computers. I think that with computer skills we could find a job easier, and it opens doors to better jobs. Computer skills are also becoming part of our day to day life.

Computer technology is everywhere, at home, at restaurants and nightclubs. In many companies computers are just as important as the employees. The computer with the help of the internet and the hundreds of computer programs gets turned into a filing system or a bookkeeper, even a canvas. We can turn it into a virtual tutor, or we can chat with a friend in Australia. The possibilities are endless, but even with all these resources; they are still people in the world that do not know how use or even turn the computer on.

It is amazing to think about the number of people that are still not familiar with a computer; these people have no idea how important having at least basic computer skills can do for their careers, school or home life. Instead of sending a letter, send an email; it would save us hundreds in paper and postage. Senator Barack Obama, for example; has used the internet as a base for his whole campaign. Stop and Shop has a new point and scan system called Scan It, where we use a hand held device to scan, weigh and pay for our groceries.

I think we can use computers for time management and some emergencies, for example, “A single mom has to stay late at work, she will not be making it on time to make dinner. Her children are old enough to be home alone but she forgot to leave money. She is still on the phone with a client and just cannot put them on hold. What does she do? She orders online, making sure that they charge it as a debit so like that a...

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