Mathematics Is Beautiful

Mathematics Is Beautiful

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Mathematics is Beautiful
by Claire Anne G. Punsalan

Mathematics— Every time that I will hear this “subject”, my expression would always be: Oh, It is really hard and complicated thing! I can still remember that every Math class, my heart beats so fast. I am so nervous, I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I cannot really understand what our topics are all about and I’m afraid to be called by our Math teacher because I don’t really know the answer. Yes, that is how I define Math.

But things changed when I become a fourth year high school student. It is when I started to love math. My first impression on my 4th year Math teacher was: I think she is very strict because I can see it on the way she talks. Oh! Here we go again. The first topic we had discussed was all about counting techniques. I am really glad because I was able to understand what my teacher is teaching us. You know, it really feels good when you are able to answer on your own even though it is just a short problem. As time passed by, I realized that Math is not all about numbers, equations and geometrical theorems, the subject is also about enjoying while learning. You just have to understand it step by step. One of my favorite topics in Math was the Sine and Cosine Law. I really love the Trigonometry and Geometry part. I love it every time we are asked to draw representation and try to solve the problem based on your drawing. Even though there are times that I get low grades, I am still happy because I was able to answer some questions.

I also want to thank my Math teacher. Because of you, I was able to understand different topics about Math like Linear Equations, Permutations, Trigonometry and many more that I never expect that I will learn. Because of you, I learn to answer on my own and not to depend on others. You’re not just a teacher to us but you are also a friend and a mother who is always there to guide us. And because of you, I learn to love Math. Thank you, thank you, thank...

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