me a writer

me a writer

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Examination 250494

Entry 1: Me? A Writer- 04/02/16

Attitude: I am looking forward to finishing this course, because I am not proficient with writing papers. I get nervous and anxious when I don’t know where to start. I spend hours sitting, trying to brainstorm what to write and how to word them. I get stressed every time, when I think about writing. I wonder if I am using the words correctly and effectively. When I finish writing, I spend a lot of time reviewing my paper for errors. It comes down to me comparing myself with others students work. I question my writing skills, but in the end I get exhausted.
I feel by taking this composition course, I’ll be able to add to my knowledge. I will be able to improve and comprehend what I am reading. I’ll be able to use critical and creative thinking and will be able to convey knowledge, while able to retain information, and improve my writing skills. My first reaction was I hope I pass this composition course, because this is one area I struggle with through out high school.

Inventory: I learned that I am independent. I prefer to work and study alone. I approach tasks in an orderly manner. I prefer to study by graphs such as drawing, diagram, and films. I am concerned with what other thinks of me, because I am more emotional than rational. I take a no-nonsense approach to learning, working through step by step. I know this about myself but I was surprised that the test was accurate.
I want to improve my creative and critical thinking, because my aspiration in life is to become a nurse. Using critical and creative thinking in writing will help me tremendously to graduate from nursing school. I also want to improve on my vocabulary words, to have better writing skills for report papers. The more words in my memory bank the easier it becomes when writing any paper.

Journal Entry 2: The Role of Correctness in Writing. 04/06/16

Errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation affect the relationship...

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