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Team 5 Evaluation - Betsy, Lauren, and Astrid
October 23rd, 2013

           Team 5 did a wonderful job at seizing the audience attention. They gave relevant examples on the right way and the wrong way to fire an employee. Team 5 supported every message clear with supporting details. Team 5 also organized everything as a team effort to present to the class.
           Team 5 gave an excellent presentation with a good tone of voice, gestures, and eye contact with the audience. Everything was supported with numerous of facts. The message flow was suitable. The group had introduced themselves by telling the audience their names and major. Than told the audience the topic that we were expecting to hear. After doing so led into their well-organized structure presentation. I was also pleased that they took out the time at the end to ask question to make sure that the audience understood things nicely.
           Each team member separated things equally among each other. Every team member had a fair share to present and did not put too much weight on one person. Team 5 did not rush through the presentation fast and in a hurry but instead took their time and talked clearly. The overall presentation that team 5 gave was good.

* Seize and retain attention of audience?
* Audience Guided?
* Message Supported?
* Subject, topic, and purpose clearly stated?
* Message flows from organized structure (introduction, body, and conclusion)?

Date:                        Day of presentation
October 23, 2013

Team and team members:            Names
Team 5 - Betsy, Lauren, and Astrid

Oral presentation:                Outline

Evaluation:                    Comments on:
                         a.    introduction
                         b.    body
                         c.    conclusion
                        d.    individual or team effort

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