Media Assessment

Media Assessment

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Prepared by: Sulaiman Yahya

Date: 10 December 2010


This paper is limited in its substance since it is based on my current uncomprehensive knowledge of Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (Biotechcorp). Certain assumptions have been made, although a well developed strategy would require access to research and information and not based on assumptions. What is more pertinent in this paper is an outline of the considerations that are required in the development of a relevant communications strategy to achieve the corporate objective of "attracting Foreign Direct Investment" in line with Biotechcorp's role in the commercialisation phase of the National Biotechnology Policy (2011-2015).

Development of Key Messages

Foremost, the Strategy for Biotechcorp's business units should be premised along the development of clear and consistent key messages which are in line with Biotechcorp's Vision, Mission and Goals, although each business unit may have its own set of variables to take into account e.g. its target audience, perception issues (if any), specific message, channels and evaluation.

The following KEY MESSSAGES are proposed:

1. Malaysia has a conducive, stable and progressive economic, political and fundamental background.

2. Malaysia has the infrastructure and facilities to enable biotech players based here to compete globally.

3. Biotechcorp is a professionally-run agency exacted to global standards that provides support to its Group of Companies identified in this commercialisation phase of the National Biotechnology Policy.

4. Biotechcorp will facilitate the economic success of parties that invest in its companies that have been identified for commercialisation.

The above key messages should ideally be developed pursuant to a perception survey done on various publics and stakeholders, since the Communications Strategy also needs to address any perception issues, if any.

Identifying Target...

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