Medical Synopsis

Medical Synopsis

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In the medical field there are plenty of diseases to choose from. I decided to choose one I could personally relate to and that is Autism. My nephew was born with Autism in 2001, and ever since then I have been interested in knowing the causes, effects, and other information about the disease, as well as how and why it affected him. Autism is currently on the rise, which is why I was able to choose this as my subject matter. In learning about Autism through my project I hope the relation will strike as hard as it did for me and other families that have to deal with the disease.
Autism has affected many people over the years, though, in the past few years its numbers have been on the rise. Autism is known as a complex developmental disability. Experts believe that Autism presents itself during the first three years of life. Which in my case, my nephew was diagnosed with it within a couple months after learning how to talk. My question is: Can Autism be solved with medication & therapy? Throughout the project I will explain and come to a conclusion if my hypothesis was true or not. In doing this project I hope to somehow help those families and people that are affected by Autism. On a more personal note, I hope to enlighten ways to help my family cope with my nephew’s disability and find ways to understand him and help him learn to feel normal. Sadly, Autism consumes 1 in 150 children every year with increasing numbers.

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Mrs. Holmes
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Senior/Junior Project Proposal

In doing this project I hope to help other families in need of the help and the research to find some answers to their questions. Unfortunately, there’s not previous work in this in this area. I will try to apply the technical competencies that are needed to this project.
I chose Autism because it relates to the mental...

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