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Meow Mix

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The Odyssey and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle both consist of important elements of an epic, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle this can be shown by examining the elements such as starting by media res, how the hero faces the monsters and events and finally get to their goal, and how the hero gets home at last, and successfully accomplish all the unfinished business and become a leader of his people.

The Odyssey started after the Trojan war, when Odysseus wants to go back home from the war, it started with little explanation of the war, this is very common in all the epics. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle also started right after a day of work without any detail explanation of the plot or character, it started by showing how they just got home and want to go to the White Castle for food. “Heros” change from a mess to a successful person, their personality change during the whole epic, even though Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is a adventure like comedy it still shows that it is influenced by the Odyssey.

Heros in both Odyssey and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle both experienced hardship and detours during their journey to their destination. In the Odyssey, Odysseus had temptation that he had to face such as Circe which he went and spent a whole year with her delaying the whole journey, Odysseus was also disturbed and attacked by Poseidon many times which led him off course into other islands and adventures meeting monsters such as Cyclops which he defeated using strength and cunningness. Harold and Kumar had to go all the way to Cherry Hills just to get to white castle, the journey seemed longer then it should be because of the temptation the faced such as getting marihuana and getting high, Harold and Kumar went for the marihuana which got them into very big trouble, the 5 “punks” in the jeep also bother them though out the epic, they also have to travel a long distance and go though adventures like chasing by the cop.

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