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Min Yo Simulation

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MIN-YO Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is intended to minimize the paper work necessary to conduct the Min-Yo simulation. The simulation is interactive with an environment that is unaffected by other teams. Your team will be making decisions each period with the goal of maximizing your firm’s profits by the end of the simulation. The spreadsheet has four major elements:

1. Open Order File

The open order file contains your commitments for orders placed by your Thunder shirt and Dragon shirt customers. You do not have to accept all of the orders you have access to, however the orders you do accept must be recorded by entering the quantity into the week that the order is due. For example, given the order possibilities in week 1, if you decide to accept a Thunder shirt order of 100 due in week 3, you must enter 100 in the week 3 column for Thunder shirts. Similarly, if you decide to accept Dragon order #3 for 50 units due in week 2 and Dragon order #5 for 70 units due in week 4, you must enter the quantities in the appropriate weeks for Dragon order #3 and Dragon order #5. The Muscle shirt quantities will be automatically transferred from the Production Schedule when you make that decision. You will use this same file for the entire simulation.

2. Production Schedule

There is a Production Schedule sheet for each week of the simulation. Enter the production quantities for Muscle shirts, Thunder shirts, and each Dragon shirt order you want to produce this week. For each production quantity, enter a “1’ in the changeover column. For example, if you want to produce two Dragon shirt orders, you must have a changeover for each one. The same holds true for the Muscle shirts and Thunder shirts with one exception – if you ended production last week on Muscle (Thunder) shirts, you can start the next week on Muscle (Thunder) shirts without incurring a changeover because the machine is already set to go. This does not hold for Dragon shirts...

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