Methods Component

For our goals to be realized, the following course of action must take place. It was decided on because the success of other incentivized spay/neuter programs has proven that these strategies bring about results.

Objective One
Reduce the number of Pit Bull Terriers (and Pit Bull types) that are being euthanized at Town Lake Animal Center by 10% after 1 year.

Executive Director will hire a part-time Program Coordinator (PC) who will be responsible for several preliminary activities during the first month. The PC will be hired from with-in the organization in order to minimize orientation time. PC will secure advertising (some donated and some purchased) in the newspapers and newsletters of each town in the five counties that we target. This program will be available to any person who owns a Pit Bull or a mix thereof. The PC will have the task of developing the criteria of what makes a “Pit Bull type dog” since the definition is not readily agreed upon.
A reception department is already dutifully in place to filter calls and make appointments. We also employs 4 Veterinarians as well as a full staff of veterinary technicians trained for high volume spay and neuter. There are 2 surgery suites as well as a fully functioning mobile hospital, each capable of performing up to 45 surgeries per day.
The Program Coordinator will be responsible for obtaining, organizing and dispersing the extra food, medication and other incentives for the project. The PC will also develop sixth, ninth, and twelfth month objectives for the project with specific performance measures prior to the third month. We will implement the program immediately upon receipt of funds for clients who own Pit Bull type dogs. The program will remain active until all funds are exhausted and the Program Coordinator will evaluate the program at six, nine, and twelve months.

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