Mis Assignment - Webcritique

Mis Assignment - Webcritique

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Andrew Bertino LIS3267 – Information Science Christopher Landbeck Website Critique April 11, 2007 Sleep Research Makes Me Sleepy There are millions of websites out there. Each one has different organization of information, color schemes, navigation schemes, and ways of presenting that information. Some websites are developed very well and have a good balance of usability and proper information organization. Some are developed poorly, making it hard for users to find what they need. When critiquing any website, there are many factors to look at. Understanding the user and their needs is vital to understanding why the website was created the way that it was. Next, look at how the information is organized and how easy that information is to find for the user. Finally, look at the colors, alignment, and other visual factors when critiquing any website.

Users Use the Website: When critiquing a website, regardless of content, the first thing to analyze is who the intended user is and what do they need from the information on the website. In this particular website, it is easier to define who the intended user is. However, the user base can be rather broad in this case because the average population tends to sleep in a bed, so the information may be relevant to many users. But with that said, for the most part, the main intended users of this website are those who are looking at replacing their old fashion spring mattress in favor of something new, in this case a Sleep Number bed.

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The main goals of the user are to find as much information possible about the Sleep Number bed. The user’s knowledge of the Sleep Number bed will vary from user-to-user and as such, the information has to be basic enough to assist the users who do not know much about the Sleep Number bed, but it still needs to be detailed enough so more knowledgeable users can still find the answers they need. Other users may be looking for only certain information about...

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