Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing Solutions

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· What is mobile marketing?
Mobile marketing is marketing with a mobile device. It can provide customers with valuable information such as goods, services and ideas. Mobile marketing has expanded due to its easy accessibilty. SMS has become the most popular branch because, on average, SMS messages are read every four minutes.
· What is the difference between SMS and Apps?
SMS is a great connecting tool as it allows good connection to most mobile phones. Apps allow connection only to smart phones. It is important to remember that most customers may not have smart phones so sending SMS may be a much better way of connecting with them. When you realise what your specific target market is, you must choose the option that is best for you. Mobile marketing actually has a lot to do with mobile browser capacity and less to do with apps.
· Is mobile marketing expensive?
Contrary to what people believe, you can get mobile marketing tools that easily fit your budget. Off-the-shelf standard tools are most cost effective. Companies should look for those.
· What are the requirements?
For mobile marketing, a company will need a short code and a keyword. Since the cost of owning a shortcode is high, companies can share the cost of a shortcode.
· What does a mobile marketing firm do?
The firm provides a mobile engaging platform for brands and agencies to power over campaigns across SMS, social media, etc. Brands engage with customers using this platform. A marketing firm helps you reach your audience and helps your audience reach you when they become mobile.
You can get custom designed brochures, templates, business cards, mobile website demos, etc.
A marketing consulting firm will offer you great product management and product marketing. It’s all about insight, stratergy and growth. If the firm can...

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