Penetration or Growth of Mobile Marketing in India.

Penetration or Growth of Mobile Marketing in India.

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Penetration or Growth of Mobile Marketing in India.

In the last 3 years, mobile has become the greatest media for communication in India. Marketers are utilizing this to promote their service using mobile. Mobile advertising is a form of advertising where marketers target mobile users for marketing of their products and services. While using traditional media of marketing are not sure whether the consumer would take notice of the promotional campaign or not, the main advantage of mobile marketing is that since the marketing message is delivered on the mobile phone, a personal device, and the target respondent ends up taking notice of the campaign.

Growth of mobile marketing:

• High penetration of mobile phones: Currently, there are 800million mobile phone users in India. With such a huge subscriber base, mobile is a very effective medium for marketing goods and services to the end user. Mobile marketing would enable marketers to develop customized campaigns as per specific target respondents’ profile. This would increase the effectiveness of marketing.

• Consumer oriented business model: Mobile marketing model is consumer centric. The telecom Operators charge the marketers and thus the consumer is benefited. In some models, like mginger, etc. the consumer is even paid to receive advertisements on his mobile. This model would stimulate the growth of mobile marketing in India.

• GPRS/2G/3G usages: GPRS/2G/3G introduction & usages gave growth to Internet based marketing on mobile phones.

Issues faced in mobile marketing in India are:

• Lack of customization of mobile advertisements: Mobile marketing is at a nascent stage in India. The current mass marketing efforts by the marketers are not generating the required impact among the Consumers. The need of the hour is to have customized marketing of products and services as per the Consumer requirements. Since this is a new concept, the stakeholders are playing safe by adopting mass...

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