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Throughout countless critiques of Harper Lee’s classic novel TKM, Atticus’ parenting style and aptitude is greatly scrutinized. He was chastised for allowing his children to be independent thinkers, willing learners and fair-minded Maycomb citizens. He is an excellent teacher of moral justice, and he introduces them some very adult concepts at an age where many would argue they were unprepared. He works to develop Scout’s and Jem’s moral compasses by way of personal example. Conversely, there are occasions throughout the novel where he is portrayed to be little more than a mediocre and at time, neglectful father.

Atticus believes that one of his primary roles as a father to Jem and Scout is to teach and imbue in them very adult concepts at a young and tender age. Scout, whose mind has wholesome heart has never had an encounter with evil, is prepared defend he morals, as a result of Atticus’ teachings. Whilst he admires the good in people, he also acknowledges that there are bad people like Bob Ewell. He teaches scout important lessons like ‘Never judge a man before you see things from his shoes’. It is this wisdom which earns the respect of his children. At the beginning of the book, the children are embarrassed of Atticus because “he was older than all the other dads and he didn’t hunt or fish”. However, through his adamant and impassioned defence of Tom Robinson, he does earn the respect of both Scout and Jem. “Before he looks to anyone, Jem looks to me first. I want to make sure I can look squarely back at him.”

He governs his life and parenting style by his morals. He is unwavering in his belief to see the good in people, and this consequently leads to the near death of his beloved children. He is willing to teach his children the very harsh lessons of life, like when he lets Jem accompany him to Helen Robinson’s house to tell her of the death of her husband Tom. He teaches his children by example, one being the Tom Robinson case. He knew the social...

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