Modern World - Essay

Modern World - Essay

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Advertisement is one of the important factors to increase high volumes of popular consumer products these days. Many people argue that the high number of sales products is either the consumer’s real need, or it depends on the power of advertising.

First of all, when new products are launched, many companies want to promote their products. Then they invest a high amount of their budget on the advertising, such as hiring famous superstars, or celebrities to be presenters or brand ambassadors. As a result, many people decide to buy the products as used by the famous stars.

However, there are many people who may buy some consumer products because of their qualities although some companies do not spend too much money on the advertising. For instance, Selsun shampoo is a good anti-dandruff shampoo. It is well-known as a medical dandruff treatment but there is less advertising than other anti-dandruff shampoo brands, such as Head and Shoulders and Clinic Clear. Furthermore, the high sales of the Selsun shampoo does not reflect on the power of the advertising.

In contrast, many people may buy products because of over exaggerated advertising about the goods. For example, a whitening lotion advert shows a dark skinned lady who will have more complex and white skin after using the lotion within 7 days. This advertisement leads many women to believe and buy the whitening products. However, in fact, it would take more than 7 days to get the white skin. For this reason, the consumers will buy more of the products and it will bring higher sales volumes of the lotions.

From what has been discussed above we may draw the conclusion that the power of advertising will lead people to buy more consumer products, and many people will want to try out the products as the advertisement has exaggerated the product’s quality.

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