molecular biology of cancer

molecular biology of cancer

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Molecular Biology of Cancer
The rates at which diseases manifest themselves vary according to the consequences felt. Some diseases tend to be more tragic through the speed at which it causes death. However, the speed at which any disease causes death is not the only variable to rate it as being tragic. This is because even if some diseases can kill in hours, if subjected to treatment, remedy is consequently achieved. Some of these diseases manifest themselves for a long time in a person’s life having minor symptoms, which can be challenging to treat. The biological composition of a person’s body is made in such a way that it is able to fight diseases before they actually have massive effects on the body. For instance, viral diseases, which can be transmitted from one person to another through body fluids, have to fight a long battle before affecting the body cells. Assuming the virus is contained in the vaginal fluid and then the person engages in unprotected sex, the virus is bound to enter into the male’s body through a path like the urethra. Once in the urethra, it is prevented from entering into the body cells by the lining of skin consisting of many epithelial layers. If it does manage to pass through the epithelial layers into the cells, then the body provides antibodies that fight such a virus before it replicates itself. Basing my argument on cancer, it has revealed to be among the world’s killer disease. Recent studies reveal cancer to be among the most dangerous disease in terms of its complexity in treatment and the rate at which it kills. It poses a risk due to quite a number of areas that it affects.
Cells in the human body usually undergo a regulated replication and multiplication. Cell differentiation also occurs in the body to enable formation of different organs. This replication of cells enables growth to occur. Similarly, the worn out tissues...

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