Money Motivation

Money Motivation

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The issue we are going to discuss is rather controversial, but I tend to believe that it is true – most people are really motivated by money. There are several arguments that prove my position.

First of all we should address the question why people work. It is not arduous even for a little kid to answer. People work because they want to earn money. For sure, those who espouse the idea of the necessity of psychological factor, would object saying that people are ready to collaborate on different activities for hours because they neeв to maintain liaison with the society because we are all social beings. If so, why most mediocre employees are contrite that every day they have to get up early in the morning, have dormant interests in their sedentary occupations which often encompass daily platitudes. Thus we see that these are rather tenuous position of those who corroborate the theory of psychological motivation.

I can partly agree with the fact that psychology does play a crucial role but from a different point of view. It goes without saying that money is not a final tenacious determination of the individual. Following from this, we can claim that money is considered as just a means of satisfying our demands. The more money we earn the more wishes will be accorded. Realizing such a simple formula most people aspire to be conferred a degree with distinction and become an android specialist in certain sphere, which in its turn will help to rise in the hierarchy and finally achieve the pinnacle of success.

In conclusion we have to admit that any argument in this discussion can be argued. Bu still if we consider money not only as the way how to command respect and become the richest man in the world, but simply as the way to make our dreams come true than it is highly possible that more people would share this particular viewpoint.

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