Motorcycle Love

Motorcycle Love

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Bitter wind fiercely pounding against the worn out skin on his face. The bags under his eyes have sunk to the bone, leaving a weary face. The scar of love hiding behind the unshaven beard. Riding the iron horse. The bellow of the exhaust pounding the countryside silence.

The one he loves is gone. A scarf is wrapped around his neck to keep the warmth he once had rushing through his blood. Now his lonely brown eyes look down the road of future. “What can I do to change the past?” He realizes he can’t go back to how he lived before with the wife he loved so much. The memories are raw and painful.

Riding to a new and prosperous place where he can live with his emotions flying freely, where he has an opinion, but for now he has the warmth of his steed, having complete faith the steed is thrown into another corner, he connects, at one with the steed. Both are isolated from the herd of life, they’re misunderstood by the rest but understand each other. They bond like brothers. Not once have they judged each another.

He gets a glance of the ring that bound the two together, it brings back memories of the amazing time he had with his beautiful wife. They walk down the long breathless beach, side by side holding hands, the warmth of them radiates into the lifeless sand warming the surrounding bay.

The time passes with ease as his body embraces the warmth and love of her spirit. The two float together, as they sweep around a gentle left hander both of them hit the warmth of a sunny new beginning. The warmth soaks into the weary body and replenishes. He sees a reason to live, there’s still light at the end of the tunnel.

The lights get brighter and brighter, shock, fear and horror slash across his face. The steel steed squeals, tyres tearing and horns wailing the big rig engulfs the two friends, metal clashes with flesh, the wrath of metal rips, tears and mutilates his body. The friendship between the two misunderstood was lost.

His spirit rises, slowly he...

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