Motorola Analysis for Product/Design Strategy

Motorola Analysis for Product/Design Strategy

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Team project

Analysis for Product/Design Strategy

December 15, 2008


Motorola provides wireless handsets, wireless communications systems, and end-to-end broadband systems. It is one of the major providers of end-to-end networks used for the delivery of video, voice, and data services over hybrid fiber coaxial networks. The company was established from 1928. It headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois and employs more than sixty thousand people. The company operates in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and some countries in Asia.

Motorola provides products, services and applications that make easy and accurate connections to people, information and entertainment from broadband, wireless networks and embedded systems. The company provides wireless accessories and handsets, wireless access systems, digital entertainment devices, voice and data communications systems, and enterprise mobility products. Motorola operates based on three business segments: Mobile devices, Enterprise mobility solutions, and Home and networks mobility.

The most important segment: Mobile devices

This segment mainly takes charge of designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing wireless handsets with related integrated software and accessory products, as well as licenses intellectual property. Their wireless product includes wireless handsets with accessories and software. The company has built mobile device product portfolio based on four primary product segments: mass market, feature, multimedia and productivity. The mass market segment concentrates upon voice-centric devices with targeted features, as W series. The feature segment concentrates upon delivering iconic, fashionable phones with high-end features as RAZR2. The multimedia segment concentrates upon the convergence of voice capabilities with multimedia experiences in one single mobile, as ROKR Z6 / Z8. The productivity product segment is growing due to...

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