My Career Path as an Electrical Engineer

My Career Path as an Electrical Engineer

My career path as an Electrical Engineer

Since childhood we all have a dream in our eyes regarding the profession we want to adopt when we grow up. I have always been interested in becoming an Electrical Engineer. There was something about this field that always dragged me towards it. When I was small I used to enquire a lot of questions regarding how the tube light worked and what is it that makes other electrical appliances like television, computer etc work.

Electrical engineering is an exciting and dynamic field which deals with the generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power. This field has gained real significance and has become a very recognized occupation since the late nineteenth century after the commercialization of the electrical power supply. It uses science, technology and problem solving skills to design, construct and maintain products and services.

To explain in simpler terms for those who cannot understand the technicality of the above, it is because of electrical engineering that we are able to use all the modern appliances in our houses and are able to lead a simpler life. All the appliances that we use work on electricity and it is the duty of an electrical engineer to enable this to happen.

The reason why I have chosen this childhood dream of mine and made it my career is because this field is really important in modern era, and also because I am really passionate about this field and lastly because of the fact that it is one of the most highly paid jobs as well. There is a lot of competition in this field. The average salary of an electrical engineer increases after 4 years of experience. As the demand for electrical devices increases along with the advancing technology used in electrical engineering, there would be an upward soar in the employment growth for electrical engineers.

I will tell you how this career is so important. We cannot imagine life without electricity. Electricity is really significant for our...

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