My Dad and Our Fishing Adventure Together

My Dad and Our Fishing Adventure Together

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When I was a little boy I remember going fishing with my dad. I had been
wanting to go for ever. The first time I went with him we had the best time.
When we got to the lake we had saw some of my dads friends and there children. So we decided to have a cookout at the lake. We had hotdogs chips and dip. We ate first, then we went to fish.

Since I just four or five years old, my dad has taken me out on fishing trips, and has taught me a lot, but since I am older, I have taught him a thing or two also. Before I give you some tips on fishing. I have a story to tell you on the first time I went fishing. I still remember it like it was yesterday. My dad took my cousin , and myself out to a small lake near by my house. Now we fished for a while until I got my line stuck on a log out in the water, and could not get it out. My dad came over to help me get it out, and while he was busy getting my line out, a fish began to pull his line into the water. I ran over to it, picked it up, and began to fight t he fish that was on it. It took me about 15 minuets to get it in, and when I did, it was a carp. For all of you who don’t know what a carp is, it is one of the worst fish you can catch, it feeds off the bottom, and swims in the mud. But that day I was so happy just to catch a fish.

I was soo exciting that I was going fishing! On first try that day, I caught a fish too small so I had to put it back in. we were out there for a couple hours before I caught something good. I had caught a good one! We kept it. We laughed and joked around. I had loved going fishing with my dad. We started this thing were we went go fishing every weekend, and had a cookout. So I would ask my friends if they wanted to come and I had so much fun with my dad and my friends....

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