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Sacrifice For The Beloved Mother
Tears of joy welled up in my eyes as my mother hugged me at that time. She saw me crying, and said, “It’s the biggest gift that you could ever give me”. My mother held my hand as I was on the hospital bed while she was on an old wheel chair. I was the only one that could help her at these times of need. I was the only child that could help her. When she went back to her room with dad by her side, I was alone again in the room. I looked outside the window.

It was a cold, freezing night. Suddenly my mother shouted out my name. “Anwar!” and I ran as fast as I could down the stairs to reach to her. I saw her trembling on the floor. I held her weak body and stood by her side while my calling an ambulance. After making the call I looked at her. She was trying to hold on. Her pain was killing her. I held my mother tight. I shouted for my brother and when the ambulance arrived they took mother away. I could not follow them, as there was not much room in the ambulance.

I arrived at the hospital half an hour later. My brother was crying and holding on to my dad. I saw the doctor just said something to my dad. The doctor started to make a move by going back to his office. I ran after the doctor. As I was tired running and breathless, the doctor gave me a few seconds to catch my breath. Then with a dull face I asked, “What is wrong with my mother, doctor?” He looked at me, wondering if I was strong enough to take the bad news.

I shook the doctor’s arm. The doctor then looked at me with a hard-to-define face. I asked the doctor the same question again, but this time it was loud and my voice was like crying to seek the truth. The doctor took a deep breath and he said “Boy, be strong. Your mother is suffering from kidney failure. She needs a donor soon or else, she will…” the doctor stopped his word. The same thing happened to me. I felt like I was falling down from a very high place, searching for a place to hold on to.

“I’m sorry dear...

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