My Fantasy Basketball: League Is Rigged

My Fantasy Basketball: League Is Rigged

There's no doubt that Commissioner Lorenz Laya favors a team in his own league. In fact, he is currently the head coach of the Verruckt Asylum Dwellers. Laya was part of the three championships they won in five years with the trio of Bosconovitch, Koch and Gasoldridge.

But if Bosco and LMG were so good, why were they not the 1st overall picks in their respective drafts? Bosconovitch was selected 6th by Verruckt in the second draft of the league. Why didn't the five other teams select the Russian superstar who was already famous in most parts of Europe? Clearly, the commish had plans of already Bosconovitch before he even declared for the draft. Rumors say that if a team got Bosco before Verruckt, they would never win a championship. The GM’s and owners of other teams were scared so they selected other players and while they were okay, Bosco was a champion.

What about Gasoldridge? The Ohio State standout made numerous amounts of fame while leading his team to the NCAA Champinship. And yet, he was only chosen 7th out of 10 players. The reason? Probably the same as above shown.

If you didn’t know, Laya also controls the Shi No Numa Banzai Chargers, led by Japanese superstar Akihiko Sanada. It may not seem like it but he’s still running the Chargers in an underground fashion. One may think in SNN selecting Yi Sun with the 5th pick was a steal and indeed it was. Laya always knew who to pick and no matter what, he’d get them. Two drafts later, in order to appeal to the Japanese crowd, Laya had role player Takaya Sakaki declare for the draft and was selected 7th. The Japanese crowd loved it and began to fill up The Swamp (SNN’s former arena).

Minato Arisato’s declaration of the draft was prized by many. Though since he was Japanese, Laya wanted to select him with the 6th pick in the draft. The Five Thieves, however, had other plans. The Thieves stole Arisato away with the 4th pick. Furious at the announcement, Laya ordered that Five wouldn’t make the...

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