My Idol

My Idol

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I believe that media does determine what is important to most people. Because of the effect in our modern world we are surrounded by influences like movies, magazines, and television and these definitely do affect the way we live and think.

One very influential television shows here in America is America Idol. In this show contestants are auditioned from cities around the country and are then chosen by the judges to compete in Hollywood. Despite the singing part of this show viewers definitely ask themselves, of whom of these contestants are my “Idol.” With the “Idol” concept and 30 million viewers watching every show, I believe many people are affected by it and they strive to be like their “Idol.”

But there is also another side to this question. Despite the amount of influences crushed on people everyday, there are some whom make their decisions not affected by media but by their own standards. But I believe that these people are looked down on in society because they do not meet the proper qualifications of the norm, which is developed directly from the media.

In my life my parents have always tried to limit my time while watching television and being on the Internet but it seems that almost is affected by media in some way and to hide away from it is nearly impossible.

In conclusion television, Internet, magazines, the radio, and newspapers definitely do have an affect on what people think and these views are almost unavoidable. As media seems to grow in the world I believe that it will continue consume what everyone thinks.

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