My Mentor in English

My Mentor in English

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There are a lot of things that could describe the word ‘mentor’. He/she is an experienced adviser and supporter, somebody, usually older and more experienced, who advises and guides a younger, less experienced person. A counselor, tutor, guide, guru, supporter and an adviser.

For me, English is a quite hard and challenging subject. It is said that English is the universal language. As such, there is no denying that we really have to study the language and learn to speak it fluently.

I still remember it vividly when I was a little girl, my first words in English were coached to me by my mother. I was asked to say them repeatedly till I memorized them by heart. When I entered preschool, we were encouraged to talk in English while in school. At the same time, we use the language in our casual conversations at home. I can say that my first mentor in English was my mother. Every now and then, I still seek her help if I cannot find the right words in English. She helps me in my correct usage of the subject-verb agreement, correct grammar and right pronunciation of words.

I am proud of my mother’s knowledge of the language. She can write and speak the language with clarity. She really has good command of it. In fact, she always tells me that on her retirement age, she plans to write her own memoirs. I have read some of her letters to my father and I am really awed by the way they were written. They are full of emotions and passion. Her letters to me and to my brothers, even only on special occasions, are full of wisdom and virtues in life. I will always treasure them, for her words will guide me in my journey in life. Through her guidance, my vocabulary was enriched and widened. She is a voracious reader up to now. That is why she keeps on encouraging me to read books, magazine, and newspapers.

How I wish I will acquire her love for reading. For by this, I am very sure I will never resent in having it as a habit. I promised to her that I...

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