My Most Useful Possession

My Most Useful Possession

My Most useful Possession
If you are really ancient, you might think I’m exaggerating and that we don’t really need all this high-tech stuff... Well, let me tell you that my phone and all its wonderful contents are absolutely crucial in the life of the modern teenager.

For starters, my phone makes me reliable. I put reminders in it for everything – class tests, returning library books, an appointment with career guidance, collecting dry cleaning for my mam, letting the cat out. If I don’t do these things, I’ve no excuse anymore. I can’t say it slipped my mind when I have reminders set to keep me organised. You could say my phone keeps me out of trouble.

Have you every tried to get to sleep with an alarm clock ticking beside you? It’s really annoying, isn’t it? Well, I don’t need to deal with that. The alarm on my phone gets me out of bed on time, even when the phone’s switched off and it’s got ‘snooze’ as well. Now that’s useful!

My phone keeps me safe. My parents can check up on me and find out where I am – kind of annoying, really – at any time. I could just turn the phone off when I’m out, but they’d kill me. It wouldn’t be worth it. But the truth is that I feel a lot safer when I’m out and about and my phone is switched on. I live in a city and going out in the city centre can be quite dangerous if you are a teenager. I like to tell my parents that they’ve nothing to worry about and I’m very careful, but we all know that that’s not entirely true. Cities can be violent places and young people are easy targets. I’m glad I have my phone. The arm

Boredom is not something I moan about very often, thanks to my phone. If I have to wait ages for a bus or a lift, I can listen to music on my phone or I can play games on it. Downloading ring tones is also a great way to pass the time. Or I can text my friends, usually for free. I know I should probably be studying or doing something responsible, but who’s really going to do that when they’re sitting at a...

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