Navajo Creation Story

Navajo Creation Story

If I asked you how the earth was created what would you say? Would you say God created the world in seven days? OR would you say father Raven fed and taught the first man how to survive? Every person and culture has their own belief of how the universe was created. I am going to tell you the creation story of the Navajo People and how four previous underworlds brought us to this current world, the fifth world, or the glittering world.

It all happened a long time ago. In the beginning there was only darkness with the sky above and the water below. When they touched that’s when everything began. This was the first world, which was like an island floating in a sea of mist. It was red in color and was inhabited by ants, dragonflies, beetles, bats and locusts. But they were no animals or insects. They were spiritual beings or insect people. They lived peacefully for a long time. But after a while trouble arose and it was because of adultry that they were forced to leave. They encircled upward and ascended thru a hole in the sky to the next higher world, the second world.

This world was blue, barren and flat. It was inhabited by swallows or birds who welcomed them into this world. They promised to be friends and allies forever, but before long the spiritual beings were immoral and the swallows demanded that they leave immediately. Once again, they flew high and went thru a hole in the sky to the next world, the third world.

The third world was yellow and was inhabited by the yellow grasshopper people. Still, there was yet no people, plants or animals, mountains or waters. This world was flat and had a yellow country side. Again, the spiritual beings lived in harmony but were soon back to their old immoral habits. The grasshopper people told them to leave as they seemed to create disorder wherever they went. So the insect people took flight once again and came to the fourth world.

This world was a mixture of black and white. The sky changed colors at...

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