The Three Creation Stories

The Three Creation Stories

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In the three creation stories “How The Earth Was Made,” “The Wooden People,” and “Coyote and the Origin of Death,” there are three main characters who are responsible for the creation of different things. These three main characters are Maheo, from “How The Earth Was Made,” (a Cheyenne Myth retold by Alice Marriott and Carol K. Rachlin) the Maker, Modeler, from “The Wooden People,” (a Quiche` Maya Myth translated by Dennis Tedlock) and Coyote, from “Coyote and the Origin of Death,” (a Caddo Myth retold by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz). Each one of these characters shares some similarities and some differences. However, each one is special in their own particular way due to being responsible for their creation or origin they executed.

From these three stories, Maheo, the Maker, Modeler, and Coyote all share some similarities with each other. For example, each one of them is responsible for the creation or origin of a particular thing in life. Despite these stories being mythological and each one of them creating something different, they are similar because of their actions. Another similarity is their drive and effort to make their creation, or origin in the Coyote’s case, work perfectly. An example of this would be how the Maker, Modeler destroys his first set of wooden people by terrorizing them and remaking them so they are the perfect manikins, or wood carvings, of human design. Also, Maheo did not stop creating things with his god-like powers until everything he created had a partner or everything was balanced out. On the other hand, the Coyote, despite being overruled by the people, stood up for what he believed in and prevented people from living forever, thus, creating death.

Although Maheo, the Maker, Modeler, and the Coyote have many similarities, they also have their differences: however, most of their differences come from their personality. Take Maheo for example, he is a nice god-like creator of all things who just wants to...

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