Obama Ya'Ll

Obama Ya'Ll

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Barack the Vote

“Hope. Action. Change.” Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, a 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, uses this slogan as the banner for reform. His oratorical excellence instills hope in the hearts of Americans. He has voted repeatedly to end the war in Iraq, which has been long seen as an imbroglio that the country needs to overcome. His history working for the middle and lower classes demonstrates his desire to shift the power in America from authoritative corporate greed. His combination of progressive policies and inspiring speeches, pending a Mitt Romney Republican nomination, will earn Obama the presidency in 2008.

Since Americans want reform in taxes, healthcare, and foreign policies, they will elect the forward-thinking Obama. As president, Obama will reduce America’s debt, which has increased by more than fifty percent since President Bush assumed office in 2001, by repealing the tax cuts for the wealthy and cutting pork barrel spending in Congress. The elimination of tax cuts will have saved the United States $2.3 trillion by the time they expire in 2009. He believes that strict financial discipline can be reached by enforcing the PAYGO plan in which every proposed federal institution must be budget neutral. His attempt to promote equality to all businesses by eliminating special interest for multinational corporations appears favorable to the millions of self-proprietors and middle-class citizens. If elected, Obama would stop extraneous government spending, particularly the money going to oil and steel giants in the form of subsidies. Finally, he will use improved technology and capable management to increase the efficiency of the government and decrease the price of consumer goods through the purchasing strength the federal government.

When it comes to healthcare, the liberal view of equality is more attractive to a majority of Americans. Obama’s plan for healthcare...

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