Objective Tree Handout

Objective Tree Handout

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Step 1: Reformulate all negative situation of the problem tree into positive situations that are : • Desirable • Realistically achievable

Step 2: Make sure that there is a means implemented then this will be achieved)

ends relationship (if this is

The causes become the starting point for the objectives. The effects become the results of the objectives. Step 3: IF necessary: • Revise statements • Add new objectives if these seem to be relvant and necessary to achieve the objective at the next higher level • Delete objectives which do not see suitable or necessary

Diagrams are transferred onto a large sheet or flip chart paper

Enhancement of Palestinian Development

Contribution by women to local job market needs

Encouragement for women to further their education and enter new programs to upgrade their skills.

Improvement of women’s economic, social, and political status

More selfconfident, assertive, and self-reliant women in society

Health, social, and economic status of family in communities improved

Balanced and equal employment rate

Rise in median age of first marriage for girls

Positive change of community perception of women

Women and community capability to meet new millennium needs

To increase women’s capabilities in order for full and equal participation in the changing job market through new media technology training

To develop and conduct flexible, demand-driven vocational adult training for women.

To integrate current programs available at the University (start your own business, marketing, etc.) with media technology programs.

To promote linkages with women trainees and the private sector through internships and career day

To enhance women’s selfesteem and assertiveness.

To introduce a sustainable, low-cost form of non-formal education for women

To increase the chance of women to have equal footing in the competitive job market.

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