Of Words and Plans

Of Words and Plans

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To: Senator
Re: The Republican Party and Frank Luntz


I have recently came across a document which I think is of utmost importance for the upcoming election – and maybe even for the future of the Democratic Party as a whole. As you know, Frank Luntz is one of the members of the ad-hoc advisory group that Senator Lott had assembled, and I just happened to have come across Luntz’s memorandum to Senator Lott regarding the planning of the message and strategy of the Republican Party. I believe that if this plan is to take effect, it will impact the political world greatly, and not in such a positive way for the Democrats. Thus, we need to take control of the situation before it gets out of hand, figure out the tactics introduced by Luntz and ways to counteract them. Which is exactly what I will be presenting below.
The advice Luntz gives is mainly divided into two parts – the Strategy and the Language. But first off, he defines the three points of what the American people hate the most about politics:
1. They hate what Bill Clinton has so adroitly named “the politics of personal destruction” by Washington-styled politicians.
2. They hate the perceived partisanship
3. And they hate the overall negativity more than anything else.
Assuming that Luntz is correct, we must at all costs avoid these aforementioned three points. Also, it wouldn’t be bad if we were to encourage the other party to continue acting upon these points.

Going on to the actual strategies suggested to the Republicans. Luntz all in all suggested three main strategies: (1) having Justice Rehnquist take control over the judging, (2) to drop the two-thirds rule, and (3) uniting and unifying the Republicans. All of these three strategies are all argued well, and if put into action, would probably help tug the Republican Party out of their slump. We must therefore...

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