Office Automation

Office Automation

In this memo I will examine office automation tools in the World Bank.

The World Bank is a very large organization that spans from here in Washington, DC to over 140 Country Offices around the world. Office automation is very important to help staff effectively communicate with each other and with clients outside the World Bank. We have so many office automation tools so I will only touch on a several tools that really add value to our organization.

The first tool is our HR KIOSK online Human Resources portal. This portal is only accessible staff inside the World Bank’s firewall. It enables staff to login and access our personal profile, job profile, payroll statement (e.g. current and all past paystubs), pending transactions, tax information, Networks/CV/Training, Pension & Retirement information, loans & statement of staff accounts, employment verification letters, and past pension credit. This site is so helpful. I am currently going through an adoption process and having the ability to access the information I need for all the adoption paperwork was incredible. Also, when I got married, I was able to go right on line and add life events such as my marriage. Seeing my payroll statement online helps so much with my personal bills. But most of all, the taxes section is incredible. We have a very interesting way of doing taxes. Our W2s, Tax Allowance statements, Tax forms, and everything else is right online. Again, as I said, this is an incredible tool.

The second automation tool is our Lotus Notes email system. We use not just for email but for making appointments, scheduling meetings, reserving conference rooms, and accessing the World Bank address book. The WB lives by email. If it’s not in an email it’s not real so why not add everything else you can in that portal to make it convenient to perform other tasks. The main thing I really love about our Lotus Notes system is that we have incorporated scheduling of conference rooms right...

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