On the Reputation Management Problem

On the Reputation Management Problem

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On the reputation management problem.
Case study on Ernst& Young and Raluca Stroescu, the young manager who died out of tiredness.

1. Introduction

„ With the value of a good corporate reputation clearly established, your task turns to the process of managing this key asset [...].”

Speed, competition, struggle. These are just a few words that could characterize nowadays society. It cannot be contested that everybody wants to be remarked, that we all want to do our best in order to reach certain peaks. The problem though, is not how to get there, but how to keep your place on the top. As far as anyone could see, it is not difficult to succeed in a certain field, but it is a true struggle to be able to stick to that position.
Reputation is one of the aspects that manage to keep a winner on the first place. The present writ is going to be a shy analysis on the reputation management problem, more specifically the reputation of big companies. I will also try to conduct a case study on Ernst&Young, the company that used to have Raluca Stroescu as an employee, the young girl who died because of being overcharged with duties.
In the first chapter I will make a presentation of what “reputation” actually is in order to better understand the concept and to make sure that it is going to be properly used along the writ. I will put an emphasis on the plain definition of reputation and then I will try to detail a little bit its meanings.
Furthermore, there will be the question of what actually happened with Ernst& Young and how did that affect their reputation? I will shortly present the case of Misses Raluca Stroescu, see if that happened in the history of the before mentioned company, and try to establish in what manner this incident affected the reputation of Ernst& Young and if its future as a company will also be affected.
Having analyzed the case thoroughly, in the 4th chapter, there will be a presentation on what big companies, with a good reputation...

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