Reputation and Choice

Reputation and Choice

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Reputation and Choice

Reputation is the image or view in which a person is commonly held. It reflects your ethical and moral principals. Most people think that a good reputation is needed for success in any job. Therefore, it is one of the most important personal assets you can acquire.

A good reputation is a valuable asset. It takes time, effort, and discipline to develop and protect. A bad reputation can be achieved in a very short and can last a long time .It can result from just one mistake and can be a heavy burden to carry throughout life.

Realize that you have an opportunity to develop and protect the reputation you want.
You have many choices to make that will destroy or enhance the image you want to protect. The choices are hard, but honesty, loyalty, and dedication are most often involved.

Learning about People

Many aspects of jobs present challenges to those who strive to do their best one of the biggest challenges most workers face is being able to relate well with others with others. Workers commonly have daily dealings with bosses, peers and subordinates. Also, workers interact with telephone callers and visitors from outside and inside the company daily.
Learning all they can about their company is important for workers. Learning’s about the people with whom they work often just as important. Often, new workers can depend upon experienced workers for information that will help them learn about the company and its workers. What they earn may help workers determine what is expected of them and will help them adjust. Ss

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