online games do more good than harm

online games do more good than harm


I will give you the summary and later you arrange it accordingly. You have to do the translation from english to malay. 

Interested in the rubber glove business after working in a factory for five years as Marketing Manager
Started forming my new trading company with small capital ,after the factory was close down.
Business was slow in the beginning four years. First two years was a loss.
Did aggressive marketing through Ministry of Trade and industry to promote my company and nature of my business.
Opened my packing house after the fifth year when the business started to pick up.
Started with ten workers . 
Sales increased soon after .

Financial problem in the beginning as bank not interested in small or new company.
Fluctuation in the currency made it difficult for us as we did not have bank facility in the beginning. We loss money due to currency difference.
Movement in rubber prices too affected the business .

To overcome the challenges
Increase sales by using my own money through mortgaged of property.
Bank gave loan and facility after seeing my packing house and increased in sales.
Managed to hedge US dollars against currency fluctuation with bank facility.
Were able to read the movement in rubber prices after few years of experience.
Participated in overseas exhibition to promote my product and company.
Created my own brand Double Safe and currently this brand is being distributed more than ten countries.
Increased work force to cater the increase in sales.

Customers in more than 15 countries worldwide and we have 8 permanent loyal customers who buy from us every month.
Sales increased from RM 500,000 per annum  to more than RM 8 million per annum.
ISO certified company
Permanent exhibition booth in MATRADE where foreign buyers can see our products .
Workforce have increased from 2 workers to more than 20 workers .
Planning to invest in a bigger warehouse to cater the increased...

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