Operation notice of concrete mixer truck

Operation notice of concrete mixer truck

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Concrete mixer truck mixed concrete over specified time. Transporting concrete mixing drum on the way, not a long time to stop, to prevent the segregation of concrete. The driver should always observe the concrete situation diesel concrete mixers for sale, abnormal timely dispatch room, for the treatment of.Inside car, mixing with concrete, dead time in the field shall not exceed 1 hours, such as overtime should immediately ask the responsible person to give timely treatment.

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Concrete mixer truck slump of concrete shall not be less than 8cm. Discharged from the concrete into the tank, the high temperature shall not exceed 2 hours must be discharged, rainy weather when the temperature is low, not exceeding 2.5 hours.In the concrete before discharge, mixer, should make the mixing drum rotating in the 10-12 speed rotation for 1 minutes portable concrete mixer, and then discharge.

Concrete mixer truck discharge is completed, should immediately with water hose with the vehicle will feed inlet, a hopper and a discharge chute. Rinse clean, dirt to bond in all parts of the vehicle body and the residual concrete, and then to the mixing cylinder injection of 150-200L in the water, on the way back to the mixing drum rotated slowly, to clean the wall to avoid residual slag, attached to the tube wall and the stirring blade, and the water out again before the first loading.

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