Organisation Behaviour

Organisation Behaviour

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Welcome to Singapore!

This handbook is compiled for international students studying in private education institutions in Singapore and contains the basic information you will need to settle into life as a student in Singapore. The publication is meant to complement your own Private Education Institution’s Orientation Programme.

The first part of this handbook gives you an introduction to the private education landscape in Singapore. It includes what you should know about the Council for Private Education, EduTrust Certification scheme and your rights as a student (this shall include fee protection scheme and student grievance and complaint resolution).

The second part will acquaint you with Singapore’s unique multicultural city. We hope you will have the opportunity to meet people from many different cultures, taste food from around the world, and celebrate some of the richest cultural festivals from the east and west. It also incorporates useful information and fun facts on a diverse range of subjects such as Singapore's history and geography, essential services, accommodation, transport, communication and some commonly used Singlish terms and phrases.

In addition, many useful contact numbers and website addresses are listed to help you access more detailed information.

Whether you are in Singapore for a few months or a few years, we hope you will make the most of your time in Singapore and return home not only with academic achievements but also with friendships and memories that you will treasure.

So study well and enjoy your stay in Singapore!

Content Page

Part 1: A Guide to Private Education in Singapore

The Council for Private Education

– A Broad Overview of Singapore's Private Education Sector

– The Council for Private Education (CPE)

– The CPE Student Services Centre

– An Overview of the Regulatory and Quality Assurance Frameworks for Private...

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