Organizational Leadership: Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams

Organizational Leadership: Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams

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Organizational Leadership LDR/531
Enron-Addressing the Challenges of Groups and Teams
University of Phoenix Week 3
Barbara Brown
Introduction 3

Ineffective Behaviors, Processes and Practices 3

Training Program 4

Impact of Training Program 4

Conclusion 4


Enron was a leading innovative company throughout the 1990s. However, Enron lacked effective leadership and management. Enron needed leaders to develop a clear vision of the company’s goals, motivate the organization to meet those goals, monitor results and resolve the issues that the company was facing. If Enron had developed and implemented an effective leadership and management development training program it may have led to further success at Enron rather than its failure. Team A constructed a training plan that would have provided opportunities for Enron to improve its communication, collaboration, and internal conflicts. In this paper I will review the behaviors, processes and practices that prevented Enron from communicating and collaborating effectively, provide training ideas that could have helped the leaders at Enron be successful and discuss how this training plan could have improved the leaders and team members within Enron.

Ineffective Behaviors, Processes and Practices

To develop a successful training plan, we must first identify the issues present within Enron’s leadership and management team. The first issue Enron faced was what management considered being the norm. According to Robbins & Judge (2007), norms are the acceptable standards of behavior within a group that are shared by the groups members. In the case of Enron the management norm was the unethical behavior displayed by management. Management at Enron was not a team, there was no communication or collaboration about contracts. Contracts were signed with what was best for management’s pockets not what was best for the company. Enron did not conduct a competitive bidding process,...

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