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Dr. Verma


The making of the modern state included power, control, division amongst social class status and then a division amongst class. Lord Curzon, then Victory of India partitioned Bengal on 16th October’1905. In the open land of the province Bengal, it was utilized by an area of 489,500 sq. km. and a population 80 million. Most of Eastern Bengal was close to being isolated from the western part because of the lack of resources to communicate and horrible navigation skills. The first proposal for a Bengali partition was proposed in 1903. The plan of Bengal Partition was made finally put to work in 1904. During the month of February, Lord Curzon visited the Eastern region of Bengal and observed the land. On the 16th of October in 1905, Bengal was finally partitioned.

In order to maintain control of the land, the partition served as a source for the administrative regions as a useful tool. The eastern region was thought to be neglected and under-governed. By splitting the province, a possibly improved administration could be established in the East where the majority of the population would benefit from new schools and employment opportunities.

This unpopular partition lasted for only half a decade and the Eastern and western parts of Bengal were again united in 1911. In 1947, Bengal was partitioned for the second time, this time specifically on religious grounds. It became East Pakistan. However, in 1971 East Pakistan became the independent state of Bangladesh after a successful war for liberation with the West Pakistani military regime.

Hinduism developed out of a multiplicity of local gods, goddesses, and heroes. Gradually this multiplicity was given a coherent framework, in which the individual deities were seen as manifestations of a greater unity. Nonetheless, multiplicity remained a major feature of Hinduism, as it is of Indian culture in general.
Local deities were identified with cyclical forces of nature, as is...

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