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Written Communication
Brittnie Eister
University of Phoenix
February 26, 2014

Written Communication

Exercise One Response:

When faced with a research paper there are many things that should be taken into consideration before choosing a topic. What are some current issues is something all individuals should ask themselves in order to come up with a topic that makes a great research paper. What do people want to be informed about, is also another thing one should asked themselves in order to come up with a topic that makes a valuable research paper. After asking those questions it should be easy to make a decision on what topic is best to use for a research topic.
Choosing a research source is next on the list when preparing for a research paper. This is important because this is all the information that is being relayed in the research paper. If unreliable sources are used than chances are the information being relayed may not be accurate. For that reason it is important to use reliable sources such as the ones that are found in the University library. Reliable source will provided the most accurate information that pertains to the chosen topic.
Organization is important in writing a research paper, it is what keeps the paper flowing and keeps it from jumping from one point to another. A previous research paper was organized to start by stating the problem and giving statistics then following up and giving possible solutions. This form of organization is known as problem-to-solution organization. “Such projects typically begin by defining the problem and offering an informed rationale for a particular solution” (Howard & Taggart, 2011). Choosing a form of organization for a paper makes it easy to compose the work. Everything is able to flow together when organization is involved. If an individual were to look back at previous research papers and have a great end result there would be no...

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