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School of Arts & Science

Computers, Technology and Society CS 140 F16 Computer Science
MC 132, 11:00-11:52 Tu, Th; MC 122 11:00-11:52 Fr Fall 2014

Professor: Prof. S. D’Alessio Phone: 914-633-2339
Office: Murphy Center, 1st Floor, 113-E Iona email:
Office hours: Friday 12:00 – 2:00
and by appointment

Course Description:
This course will provide students with a firm foundation in computers and technology and enable them to become knowledgeable, ethical and responsible users of technology. Students will explore the various aspects of computer systems to develop a comprehensive understanding of how computers operate as well as an appreciation of their pervasive influence on society. This course will lay the basis for further study in computer science.

Required Texts/Source Materials/Readings and References:
Snyder, Lawrence; Fluency with Information Technology, Addison Wesley; Iona College Custom Edition; 2011
(Note: Lecture and lab materials are in single volume.)

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
Course Outcomes
College Core Student Learning Outcomes
1. understand the components of a computer system and its functions
(no corresponding SLO)
2. understand the software development and the problem solving process
SLO3: Demonstrate the skills required for quantitative problem solving
3. understand the social and ethical issues engendered by computers
SLO2: Demonstrate knowledge of principles and procedures of ethical decision making
4. understand computer terminology and the technology of the computer age
(no corresponding SLO)
5. envision the future use of the computer in the student’s career
(no corresponding SLO)
6. understand how this foundation can lead to more advanced courses in computer science
(no corresponding SLO)

Learning Community at Iona College
An Academic Learning Community is a cohort of approximately 25 students who are enrolled in two linked courses....

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