Parent's Pain: Interview of Small Children While Admitting in Primary School

Parent's Pain: Interview of Small Children While Admitting in Primary School

The story of facing interview while admitting a child is the story of every home. The hope of admitting their child in a good primary school makes parents run on the roads before their child opens his or her innocent eyes in this world. The precarious condition of public schools forcefully drives the parents for searching a good private school. Moreover economically upward mobility of some sections in society has made the hunt for a quality school much competitive. Once we are at the gates of a good school, we, along with our child, have to remain prepared to face the shudders of preadmission interview.

The schools having a name and fame enjoy definite power of dictating the terms while parents approach them for admission. The children of tender age and their parents have to pass through the jungle of interview set up by school authorities. These interviews are hardly transparent. The concept of taking such interviews has created much uproar among the educationists, too.

Though a free observation of the child for mapping language skill or knowledge of natural call requirements may be helpful, but a stressful process of interviewing puts the tiny tots into tension and anxiety. Hence the growing demand in favour of elimination of such interviews is a step in right direction. Courts also have come to rescue the children and parents from this hostile process.

The parents might be inquired about their aspirations from the school, or how they can help in developing their children. But taking their mindless interview would hardly help the child’s growth. Alternatively the distance of home from the school, other siblings studying in the same school, or alumni points should be considered with weightage.

Besides mental harassment to the parents, the interview-process has been a secret device to demand donations. It’s nothing but the bribe for admitting a child. Otherwise no parents would line up before the gates of schools for donating their...

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